Article Submission and Evaluation Stages

  1. Submission: The author/authors apply for an article by sending the publication prepared with the template in LaTex or MS Word, the copyright transfer form filled by the responsible author, and the similarity scanning report of the manuscript obtained with a plagiarism prevention program to Article evaluations are carried out according to a double-blind peer-review system. For first submission and revision processes, the manuscript’s template should not contain any information that points to the author(s). However, for the submission, the information of author(s) must be fully specified in the e-mail and in the copyright transfer form.
  2. Preliminary Evaluation: The submitted article is pre-evaluated by considering its content, compliance with the template format and the report of the plagiarism software. In the plagiarism scan performed for the parts except the references and appendices, the manuscripts with a similarity rate exceeding 20% are sent back to the corresponding author with a revision request. The same case is true for the manuscripts which are not compliance with the template format.
  3. Evaluation and Decision: The manuscripts, which passes the preliminary evaluation stage, are sent to at least 2 referees for evaluation and the first decision is presented to the author within 40 days.